0.33 L (4.9% Vol.)


Ingredients: Water, barley malt, hops

0.33 L (<0.5% Vol.)


Ingredients: Non-alcoholic beer with a low original wort content

(Water, barley malt, hops, yeast, fermentation carbonic acid), lemonade (water, sugar, carbonic acid, acidulants,

Citric acid, natural flavor)


And we love Frankfurt!

We think we've finally deserve a really good beer again. One that is calm and undisguised. Ready to drink. And not a complicated craft.


That is why we took matters into our own hands and brewed a light drinkable "Helles" for every day and occassion: FXXXXFXXXXR HELLES. In the bottle and on tap.


The recipe comes from Frankfurt, the ingredients from Franconia. Brewed according to the German Reinheitsgebot without artificial additives, with a little more hops than usual. For a little more contrast, as Frankfurt is like that.


After the start in 2018, our HELLES is now available in numerous Frankfurt bars, restaurants and kiosks - from YokYok to Frankfurt Golf Club.


We don't leave anyone behind. That is why there is now our non-alcoholic FXXXXFXXXXR RADLER, which claims to be the most popular Radler in town.


The beer consists of 50% non-alcoholic, naturally cloudy beer with a low original wort content and 50% lemonade. All artificial additives and flavors are dispensed with.


Our goal is to be in everywhere we like to drink beer in Frankfurt.


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Preferably where you like to be!

HELLES and the non-alcoholic RADLER can be found in many bars, restaurants, drinking halls, kiosks and sports facilities today.


Just ask your hosts for a bottle - or give us a hint!




Get yourself a sip of Frankfurt. Crates of HELLES and RADLER, branded shirt and stuff for your kitchen. From the new WEGBIERKIOSK directly at DANZIG AM PLATZ.


Are you a retailer, restaurateur or kiosk owner?

Sven is looking forward to your mail.



Our beer and branded T-shirts are available via Spirits Dealer.


The YokYok Treats team takes care of you via home delivery within Frankfurt.



Questions about our beer? Hints for other locations? Bring it on.